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Where to Buy

If you carry our product and are not listed here, please contact us.

In addition to finding our products in-store, products can be delivered by ordering on this website (Free shipping with $49 minimum order).

Golden Nest flamed-grilled BBQ Snacks and Jerky products are available across Canada at these leading retailers:

  • Bayview Food Mart
  • Bestco
  • C&C Supermarket
  • Costco Business Centre
  • FoodyMart
  • Galleria
        Galleria Supermarket Oakville
        Galleria Express (Bloor)
        Galleria Express Wellesley
        Galleria Supermarket Thornhill
        Galleria Supermarket Yorkmills
  • Great Mountain Ginseng
  • HMart (Yonge St.)
       M2M Sheppard
  • Loblaws (select locations in Ontario)
  • Marché Lian Tai (Montreal)
  • Multifood Supermarket (Windsor)
  • Nations Fresh Food
  • Prosperity Supermarket
  • Sunny Supermarket
  • T&T Supermarket (Nationwide)
  • Tone Tai Supermarket

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